Most people, businesses and organizations
chase success 
while a few lead success 

The difference between leading and chasing is

Being  Aware & Awake

“means Aware of what is happening inside us and Awake to what is happening outside us”

to the opportunities and

Thinking  Planning Acting Consciously 

Success does not elude us, We elude success

What We do?

New knowledge, new research and new realizations

are fast changing the 20th century way of thinking, planning and action. At stake is the survival, sustainability and growth of our lives, businesses and organizations.



“In short, the 20th century assumptions codified by managers, researchers and academics in the '50s and '60s, have run out of gas. They are no longer fit for the 21st century”- (Curry & Peck, 2014)



We teach and handhold
Individuals, Businesses & Organizations
“The Art of Being Aware & Awake and Thinking → Planning → Acting Consciously”
to recognize and unleash their true potential and Create Opportunities
to successfully Create, Achieve and Lead consistently in today’s changing times.


“The solution to every problem of life is already there in the very core of our existential being. It is the vast field of intuitive wisdom. Daily practice of relaxation and mindful meditation connects you to that inexhaustible Source within you and helps you to touch the pinnacle of success without worries and anxieties”

(Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari)

How We Help?

We Assess → We Teach → We Handhold → We Transform
Individuals, Business, Organizations to touch the pinnacle of success without worries and anxieties.


Structured within the framework of
‘Human Needs + Modern Science (Epigenetics & Neuroscience) + Mindfulness + Management Research’

Our tools are simple and easy to use, yet profound and transformative.


Our 4 dimensional “Be Aware Be Awake Programs”
bring the best out of you and empower you to script your own success.


  • Human Needs - are best met when we practice Heartfulness and become Aware of what is happening inside us, and Awake to what is happening outside us
  • Modern Science - research shows that we can alter our neural pathways and change the way we habitually think, plan and act by learning how to focus our attention and manage our emotions
  • Mindfulness - is the foundation of emotional intelligence, self-awareness & self-management, the keys to a calm mind and accessing intuitive wisdom & intelligence
  • Management Research - data shows life, businesses & organizations become relevant, profitable & creditable only when human values, social values & economic values work together

Our Programs have two components

  • The Core – it is the common component (foundation)
  •                                The Application – it is the dynamic component that changes accordingto the audience and the objective of the talk/workshop


When Applied to Individuals

  • Self-esteem / Self-confidence ++
  • Focus & Creativity ++
  • Emotional Intelligence ++
  • Academic / Professional Excellence ++
  • Flexibility & Resilience ++
  • Non-violent Communication ++
  • Uncertainty & Crisis Management ++
  • Overall Well Being ++

The Core - A Calm Mind with an Open Heart Center, leads to Inner Change, which Transforms life, businesses and organizations


  1. Research findings (neuroscience, epigenetics, mindfulness, meditation & management)
  2. Attention focusing & Being-present techniques
  3. The art & role of mindfulness in life
    • Understanding own triggers and emotions
    • Correct comprehension of situation
  4. Developing heartfulness, holistic thinking & self-awareness
  5. Importance of pause and breaking habitual response pattern

When Applied to Businesses & Organizations

  • Authentic Leadership ++
  • Efficiency, Effectiveness, Explicability & Ethics ++
  • Goal Congruence ++
  • Non-violent Communication ++
  • Flexibility, Innovation & Creativity ++
  • Holistic Decision Making ++
  • Performing in uncertainty  & crisis ++
  • Sustainability, Productivity & Creditability ++

Our Audience

Individuals, students, couples, young parents, people starting life, young entrepreneurs,  start-ups, academic institutions, businesses (small, medium, large & MNCs), not-for-profit, people working in teams (sports, theatre, TV, films, projects, etc.), governments and its departments – in short anyone who wants to touch the pinnacle of success without worries and anxieties.

Our Process

  1. Understanding the audience / client needs (through discussions & need assessment exercise)
  2. Understanding the participants (interaction with the organization management and also direct interaction with few participants if possible)
  3. Designing the workshop* / talk
    *workshop designing means structuring a judicious mix of subject content with activities like breathing and meditation techniques, mindfulness and heartfulness practices, attention management exercises, discussions, Q&A, and other interactions aligned to the objective of the workshop.
  4. Designing questionnaires for participants assessment pre and post workshop / talk
  5. Delivery of talk / workshop
  6. Follow-up and handholding (wherever asked for)
  7. Impact assessment (wherever asked for)

Why Us?

    1. Because we understand and integrate in our programs
      • Human Needs
      • Mindfulness
      • Modern Science
      • Management Research
    2. Each talk and workshop tailored to meet participants needs.
    3. Highly interactive (70% interaction and 30% content).
    4. Progress and transformation measured and discussed with participants.
    5. Experience the power within yourself with the master himself (Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari).
    6. We handhold and assist till you start living by the 4 Es’ of success
      • Efficiency : Doing things right
      • Effectiveness : Doing the right things
      • Explicability : Ability to understand & explain your actions
      • Ethics : Taking responsibility for your actions

Our Offering

(The listing is only indicative. The focus & structure of each talk and workshop is tailored to meet the participants needs)

Talks & Workshops for Businesses & Organizations

  • The Art of ‘Be Aware Be Awake’ and Success in Business
  • Innovation, Success, Sustainability and Productivity
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Work  Life Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management

Talks & Workshops for Individuals

  • The art of ‘Be Aware Be Awake’ and success in life
  • Stress reduction, creativity & making life purposeful
  • Emotions & Relationship management
  • Academic / Professional Excellence and Success in Life
  • Conscious Parenting

A typical talk is of 3 hours and a workshop of 1 to 2 days with handholding and follow up as mutually decided.

Selected Clients Across Continents

Selected Testimonials

William Conover, Director Spiritual Life Program Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

Attendees of Shuddhaanandaa’s workshop responded instinctively to his joyful buoyancy,attentiveness and warmth. He is so clear when giving guidance to newcomers. He explained the practice of Mindfulness in simple, easy to understand terms: both your to become aware of the breath and why such a simple practice can lead to dramatic improvements in one’s quality of life. What’s more, Shuddhaanandaa embodies his message. His face shines. Radiant and approachable, he communicates directly to the hearts and minds of his audience.

Robert A McGrath Coordinator, Mind/Body Wellness Services University of Wisconsin, USA

Your presentation, Mindfulness for Personal and Academic Well-Being, was extremely well received. The comments we received after your presentation were universally positive and reflected that your talk really had an impact on those who attended. Some of my favorite comments were related to your positivity and your warmth, the importance of keeping a calm mind and being, and the ability to be grateful and loving toward the universe. One comment that stood out to me was “I have not had mindfulness explained to me before in a way that makes so much sense.” Many mentioned a renewed commitment to daily meditation.

Jesus Hector Betancourt Del Castillo Director Cultural Affairs Technologico De Monterrey, Mexico

Thank you very so for your special visit to our campus. I am also thankful for the receptiveness of the auditorium, so that meditation is no longer an exotic practice for much of them, but a way to understand our whole potential of creativity, compassion and love towards other beings. Your name is now inscribed in the wall of Honor of Special Guests, and in the name of our Institute, I send you again an invitation to come again whenever you want to visit us, and delight us with warmth of your heart and the wisdom of your presence.

Raymond Farmer, Deputy Dean Faculty of Engineering and Computing Coventry University, UK

Your talk on “Meditation and Mindfulness” was well attended from all Departments within the faculty and wider University, and we received very good feedback from those in the audience. We fully recognize that we would not receive such positive feedback from seminar participants without the excellent presentations and heartfelt discussions you provided.

Peter Johnson, CEO Cotton on Group, Australia

“On behalf of The Cotton on Group I would like to thank you for taking the time to come out and provide our GM’s & Executives with an extraordinary insight into “Mindfulness” and providing us with an understanding of how to focus effectively on tasks and priorities, developing self-management habits that become essential to high pressure roles within our industry,  leading to a work-life balance that boosts creativity and productivity at work within a health & culturally sound workplace for all. The halls are still ringing with the positive comments several weeks later. You shared good ideas – but more than that you shared yourself”

V.P. Singh, ex-Chairman IFCI, India

i attended many similar training programs earlier but was never convinced on the benefits that meditation can provide to complex corporate life. After attending this program i have changed my mind and I'am convinced that Mindfulness is a very beneficial program for corporates. I further add that i have no words to express Shuddhaanandaa’s excellence.

Sreekant Krishnamurthy, Manager, Learning and Development, TCS, India

it was an unimaginable journey of the mind that i underwent in this program.

B.P. Singh, former Managing Director, IDBI Bank, India

this program should be made mandatory for all corporates especially at recruitment stage.

S. Rao, General Manager, BASF, India

the program was excellent and the message of the program should be propagated to all corporates, societies and other Institutions.


“Success and Contentment” are two essentials of human existence that every human being ever born has chased in life and those living today are no different. The reason for this perpetual chase of ‘success and contentment’ is simple. Being ignorant of the science of “Being Aware and Awake” majority have either chased it on a mental level or on a physical level, while “success and contentment” manifests only when we are aware of what is happening in our internal world (mental) and wake to the pulls of our outer world (physical). The science of ‘Being Aware and Awake’ is time tested ancient wisdom that ‘new science’ also acknowledges. The need for the science of “Being Aware & Awake” has never been felt before like it is being felt today. The 20th century developed our outer world meteorically without any corresponding development of our inner world, which pushed humanity into a crisis of sustainable ‘success and contentment’.


      Thus, in order to handhold and help men and women to harness their innate mind power and create a better world centered around mutuality, compassion, empathy & wisdom for self and others, Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari a globally acclaimed spiritual values mentor, business and leadership development coach in 2005 established Stress Management Academy (SMA). In addition to stress management, in 2012 SMA under the banner www.courseinmindfulness.com started offering three courses in mindfulness - (1) Mindfulness for Corporate Excellence (MCE), (2) Mindfulness for Academic Excellence (MAE), and (3) Mindful Positive Parenting (MPP). The success of these courses in helping to reduce stress, develop holistic thinking habit, recognize opportunities and improve inter-personal relationships resulted in a growing demand on SMA for workshops and courses tailored to handhold and help corporates, students and adults to script their success and contentment. In this background, the name of “Stress Management Academy” has been changed to “Heart Mind Center for Transformation and Success” (HMCTS) and the tagline to Be Aware Be Awake”.


         The vision of HMCTS is to participate in the development of a world which provides opportunities to everyone to grow, evolve, succeed and be contented in life and business; and its mission is to teach individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to Be Aware & Awake and Think → Plan → Act Consciously and attain sustainable success and contentment.


    Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari


    Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari a globally acclaimed spiritual values mentor, business and leadership development coach

      Sandeep Gupta


      Sandeep Gupta is a Business Expansion & Organization Development professional and in his 35 years’ career

        Debdutta Ray


        Debdutta is a qualified Yoga practitioner of The Bihar School of Yoga. For her Yoga is not a robotic body-oriented physical activity

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        This is an equal opportunity company. In case you have the passion to help humans, businesses, organizations and governments to become efficient, effective, explicable and ethical, and assist in creating a world based on mutuality, compassion, empathy & wisdom for self and others, then this is the place for you.


        Qualifications are important, but what is more important for us is your passion to learn and help society, your courage to connect with people and work with them, your ability to take responsibility and deliver, and above all your aspirations in life.


        If you believe that you have ideas or skill-sets that will add-value to our vision and mission, we would encourage you to send us your CV with a covering letter describing why you feel you are suitable for Heart Mind Center for Transformation and Success (HMCTS).


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